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  • In order to be truly self-compassionate – in order to be whole – we need to integrate both aspects of self-compassion, the ‘tender’ and the ‘fierce’.  If we are tender without fierceness, we risk becoming disempowered; if we are fierce without tenderness, we risk becoming hostile or selfish. Like a tree with a solid trunk and flexible branches, we need to stand strong while still embracing others as part of an interdependent whole. We need love in our hearts so we don’t cause harm, but we also need fierceness in our bellies to stand up to harm. This workshop will offer an experiential exploration of both the tender and fierce aspects of self-compassion.

    Tender and Fierce Compassion took place on Wednesday 18 October 2023. The recording has been edited to respect the identity of those participants sharing personal reflections on a sensitive and difficult subject.

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