• Free fortnightly online mindfulness meditation practice group: a space open to those who have participated in an eight-week mindfulness course, mindfulness teachers, and trainees. Opportunities are offered for teachers and trainees to practice leading mindfulness-based meditations in an informal context. You only need to register once for the whole series of practice sessions.

    Register via Zoom: https://mindfulness-network-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMsd-GurDstE9ebaSim1ctrLuqesdveyFYg

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with joining instructions.

    Alternate Tuesdays from 12.30-1.30pm UK Time

    • 19th December 2023
    • 30th January 2024
    • 13th February 2024
    • 27th February 2024
    • 12th March 2024
    • 26th March 2024
    • 9th April 2024
    • 23rd April 2024
    • 7th May 2024
    • 21st May 2024
    • 4th June 2024
    • 18th June 2024
    • 2nd July 2024
    • 16th July 2024
    • 30th July 2024
    • 10th September 2024
    • 24th September 2024
    • 8th October 2024
    • 22nd October 2024
    • 5th November 2024
    • 19th November 2024
    • 3rd December 2024
    • 17th December 2024


    Please feel free to email us at communityfriends@mindfulness-network.org to discuss any questions you may have about the group.

    These sessions are freely offered to anyone who can benefit. Any donations towards the cost of this and towards supporting others on their mindfulness journey are gratefully received. Please donate what you feel you can or just attend. You can read about how we use donations here: https://home.mindfulness-network.org/donate/

    The Mindfulness Network and its volunteers take every care in their preparation of events to make sure they are appropriate for the audience. Please be aware that you are choosing to participate in our freely offered events at your own risk. We invite you to carefully consider your own personal circumstances and experience when joining these events. 

    The Mindfulness Network Terms and Conditions apply (though payment and cancellation policies are not relevant for freely offered Events) and the Mindfulness Network can not accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage, suffered during or in relation to the event, however, this may be caused.

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