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Mindfulness-Based Supervision: Why is it important to me?

Mindfulness-based supervision (MBS) is an important aspect of training to be a mindfulness-based teacher, which helps to build the skills required to be a safe and competent teacher. It also supports teaching in professional and ethical ways. It is inquiry and relationally-based, offering a supportive and safe space to explore. Supervision doesn’t need to stop once you have learned the basics of teaching. As your needs shift and change, the supervision space can evolve. In this event, we share some stories with you from a range of supervisors and supervisees about their experience of supervision. the event is hosted by Alison Evans, Supervision Lead with the Mindfulness Network. She is joined in discussion with Ruth Baer, Claire Kelly, Katherine Cheng, and Sophie Broye.

  • The event was recorded on Monday 24 July 2023, and is 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

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  • Read more about Mindfulness-based Supervision in a blog post from Alison Evans

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