Fierce Self-Compassion - Cultivating brave, empowered clarity with Colette Power and Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher

"Compassion isn’t always soft and gentle; sometimes it means being forceful and fierce" - Dr Kristin Neff 

Life is presenting us with many opportunities to meet experiences that are emotionally difficult or that threaten to tip us into rigid ‘us’ and ‘them’ thinking. Our challenge is to stay steady in order to remain resilient and effective. Compassion is a vital resource at such times, both in its tender and more fierce expression. In this workshop - through reflections, guided practice and discussion – we will explore cultivating this caring force so that we can better take brave compassionate action in the world, to protect, provide and motivate ourselves and others.

This event is offered in collaboration with the Mindfulness Network Community Friends (MNCF) - an initiative to engage the wider mindfulness community and reach new audiences. Led by a Committee of Volunteers, supported by the Mindfulness Network, we work together to run a programme of donation-based events and inspiring content. The Committee ensures that the MNCF can best serve everyone by providing opportunities to practice and learn together. 

The workshop is free to watch. The Mindfulness Network welcomes any donations via our website and encourages you to consider a contribution, large or small, which will make a big difference in helping us widen access to mindfulness-based approaches.

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